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Forcing players to work their way up from literally nothing to eventually beating the game. Given only a few blocks of space and a tree to start their play-through, players are forced to use every resource as effectively as possible, ensuring that they don’t waste anything. This challenge truly tests the inner strength of the player, making players patiently wade through the challenges that the survival island presents.


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How to Install in Singleplayer

  1. Select one of the Minecraft versions above.
  2. Download the world zip, unpack the zip into a folder.
  3. Open your Minecraft saves folder, check out this guide on how to locate such folder.
  4. Place the map folder inside the Minecraft saves folder.
  5. Now you can open the world inside Minecraft!

Does Survival Island support Multiplayer?

Yes! The map runs well on Multiplayer servers. If you're looking for quick server to connect to, we are hosting a Minecraft server above.

Do mobs naturally spawn?

Yes, natural mob spawning is enabled in Survival Island but only mobs that spawn in the Deep Ocean biome.

What is the final goal?

Kill the ender dragon and obtain every resource in Minecraft.

Are there any challenges?

Yes! Commonly played challenges while on this map can be found here:

Survival Island w/ Optional Challenges! [Updated Here & There] - MCPE: Seeds - MCPE: Discussion - Minecraft: Pocket Edition - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum
Hello Everyone! Today, I am posting a challenge list for a certain seed: detailedThis seed was requested by someone named PoppingCobble. I do not take c...
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