Survival Island MC Rules

Before playing on our servers, please make sure you have fully read and understood our rules. Minecraft is a child friendly game and we want to ensure that our servers follow that!

❌ Advertising

Posting the server address of another server either in chat or through private messages. Please do not advertise our server on other Minecraft servers!

❌ Discrimination

Any sort of discrimination is not wanted here and will not be tolerated under any circumstance. This will result in a permanent ban from our services.

❌ Toxicity

Being toxic to other members of our community is not tolerated. Please respect other members and treat them how you would like to be treated!

❌ Excessive Swearing

Swearing excessively or aimed towards another player will result in a chat mute.

❌ Client Modifications (Hacking, Mods, Autoclicker)

A general rule of thumb is that any modification that provides an significant advantage to the player is not allowed! Client modifications are up to our discretion and may result in a permanent ban if we deem it to be an advantage.

❌ Spamming

Using the same sentence or word multiple times is considered spam and not tolerated here. This will result in a chat mute.

Need clarification on our rules? Open a Support Ticket on our Discord.

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