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How to Start a Minecraft Survival Island

How to Start a Minecraft Survival Island
Survival Island with Minecraft Village

At one point or another, everyone has heard of the Minecraft survival island challenge. The challenge was initially created to challenge a player to spawn on a small island in the middle of the ocean with only one tree. This challenge forces players to use their resources wisely, as they will quickly run out if they don't spend them carefully. Players will need to try to play the game as usually as possible, exploring the tiny island and building up resources as they struggle to get by. Due to players being on a small island, food will be extremely hard to come by, forcing players to get creative, and the nights will be unskippable, as they will not have wool to build beds. This challenge comes with a comprehensive set of challenges for players to complete while working their way through the game, and there are several seeds that will give players a survival island experience. Minecraft survival island run-throughs will take a lot of hard work and dedication, forcing players to devote vast amounts of time to work on challenges. If you want to have a successful playthrough, you will need to put dozens of hours into focusing on several challenges that will test your patience and skills on this tiny island. Completing many of these challenges on regular worlds is already a formidable task, but taking them on while on this small island will truly test your abilities. Without further adieu, let's get into the inner workings of survival island.

How to Get a Survival Island Seed

With Minecraft has been out for almost a decade, there have been hundreds of survival island seeds uncovered. These seeds are widely talked about, so they are usually relatively simple to find. If you are looking for a Minecraft island seed, you can simply look up "Minecraft survival island seeds," and you will be presented with a long list of different survival island seeds. However, these seeds will all be of different qualities. Some of these seeds will present more immense challenges than others, meaning that finding the right seed for you can be quite tricky. Some seeds will be actual survival islands without any land for thousands of blocks, while others will have land within sight of spawn. If you want to find the best seed for you, it may be beneficial to look into different forums to find better seeds. Looking at Reddit or the Minecraft Forums, you will find several discussion boards that are dedicated to discussing the best survival island seeds around. Using forums like these to locate the best seeds will provide you with your best results in finding single-player seeds for your Minecraft world. If you enjoy the idea of playing Minecraft survival island, but you also love playing online, you should look into playing on Minecraft survival island server. Play Survival Island will provide you with this Minecraft survival island server will provide you with the best seeds for you to play on while still giving you the ability to interact with other players. Playing on a Minecraft survival island server can be a far superior option over playing on a single-player world. Playing offline can quickly lose its appeal, with no one to talk to or play with, but playing on a busy server with your friends will keep the fun going. If you want to start a survival island playthrough, make sure to checkout the server to run your playthrough on. Playing online with your friends will give you a far better playthrough, allowing you to meet and play with like-minded people.

Survival Island Challenges

Whenever you start your survival island playthrough, you will be able to play the game normally but will also have a secondary set of challenges to go along with your normal ones. There will be several different tiers of challenges, giving every type of player a chance to challenge their abilities while playing through the game. To start, you will have a set of easier challenges for you to test your skills on. These challenges include:

  • Collect 8 stacks of Cobblestone
  • Create an infinite water source
  • Expand the island
  • Find 32 Iron
  • Create an 8x10 house
  • Create another island
  • Collect saplings and plant new trees
  • Create a complete set of iron armor
  • Make beds
  • Make every farm possible
  • Make a mob spawner

After you have finished the items on this list, you can move on to the complex set of challenges. These challenges include:

  • Find diamond, gold, and lapis
  • Go to the nether
  • Make 32 TNT
  • Expand your house by two stories
  • Make a complete set of diamond armor
  • Collect 32 glowstone blocks

Once you have completed the list of hard challenges, you can move on to the extra hard challenges. These challenges will include:

  • Add six more floors onto your house
  • Create 32 blocks of iron, gold, diamond, lapis, and Redstone
  • Make four stacks of arrows
  • Make two stacks of TNT
  • Create a monumental sculpture
  • Make two chests of Mushroom Stew and Watermelons
  • Journey into the sky and build a cloud out of wool

After completing this list of extra hard challenges, you have finished the survival island challenge list. This list will progressively get more challenging as you work towards the end. These challenges are designed to take a while to complete, making you work hard on your challenge to complete it successfully.

How to play Minecraft Survival Island?

Whenever you decide to start your survival island playthrough, make sure to look into going online. If you want to give yourself your best playthrough, consider looking into joining Minecraft Survival Island to play with your friends. Playing alone will get old quickly, but joining a server full of players looking to enjoy some Minecraft survival island, you will have endless amounts of fun. Survival island can be one of the best challenge worlds to create, so make sure that you make the most of your experience, as you will be putting dozens of hours into completing each list of challenges.

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