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10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival Island

10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival Island
10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival Island

The Minecraft survival island challenge can be a significant challenge filled with fun, but it can get even better when played on the right seed. Minecraft survival island is one of the oldest challenges that overtook Minecraft's player base. Over the years, the challenge has stuck, encapsulating players for hours at a time. If you don't know, the Minecraft island survival challenge entails a player spawning on a small island with few resources, struggling to play and beat the game as usually as possible. With the challenge comes an additional set of unique achievements, enticing players to go out of their way to complete tasks that are much more difficult than in most worlds. When you play on a Minecraft island seed, you endure tremendous obstacles that threaten to ruin your run. So make sure that you are prepared for your challenge, knowing the other achievements and resource-saving strategies you will need to survive.

What are Minecraft island seeds?

Every Minecraft world has its own unique seed, so it will also have its own seed when you start up a Minecraft Island world. These are great, as they allow players to have a standard identification tag for the world they are looking to play on. Without seeds, players would have no way of replicating worlds, making most challenges useless. With seeds, we can simply copy and paste identification tags into a bar in the world creation menu, giving us an exact copy of the world you are trying to replicate. If you are looking to take part in the Minecraft survival island challenge, you will need to find the right seed for you. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best Minecraft island seeds for you to use for your challenge. Below, we have ten of the best seeds for your enjoyment, all tailored to different playstyles and levels of difficulty.

The 10 best Minecraft island seeds

When you play a Minecraft island challenge, you want to play on the best seeds around. So here are our picks for the best Minecraft island seeds around.

Tropical Island Survival

Tropical Island (Image credits:

You may have plenty of wood when you play on this seed, but you will run out of space extremely fast. Coming with what may possibly be the world's smallest jungle, you will have a single jungle tree and a few measly blocks of space.

Seed: -2844396530271752791

Flower Island Survival

Flower Island Survival

If you are looking for a more laid-back survival island experience, be sure to check out the flower survival island. This island comes with a large amount of building room and all the flowers you will need to build a beautiful house. Looks are deceiving though, without access to other lands, you will quickly realize you will need to work hard to survive on this island.

Seed: 8259261698380053424

Village Survival Island

Village Survival Island

When playing on this Minecraft island, you will never run out of villagers to trade with. This Minecraft island seed spawns you in the middle of an absolutely colossal village, with a total of 18 houses. To top it all off, there is a solid ring of ice surrounding the village, leaving you and your villagers completely cut off from the outside world. This survival island challenge is entirely unique from the rest, giving you a great experience you will never forget.

Seed: -7927740399004943842

Extreme Survival Island

Extreme Survival Island

When you play on this Minecraft island seed, you will be given the ultimate challenge. Starting with twenty or so blocks of space, you will need to get creative to survive. There are no trees on the island, meaning that you will need to scour the ocean floor for shipwrecks to find your first wood. This challenge will be tough, giving you no room for mistakes.

Seed: -4065374646356058072

Beautiful Survival Island

Beautiful Survival Island

This Minecraft island seed features a beautiful spawn with several trees and a natural canopy that is just stunning. While the island itself is pretty tiny, this seed has enormous potential, providing players with a great starting experience. In addition, there happens to be a small empty island and ocean monument less than 50 blocks away and a stunning coral reef a small 100 blocks out from your spawn point.

Seed: 4174355218403446030

Turtle Island Survival

Turtle Island Survival

When you start playing on this seed, you are greeted with an oddly shaped island that is great for building. The island comes with a considerable amount of sand, being a great place to start a turtle nursery. This island also has a significant amount of grassy area, giving animals a chance to spawn. There is also a fantastic cave system and an ocean monument/ shipwreck right offshore.

Seed: 6105164681913734231

Simple Island Survival

You are given a classic Minecraft island survival experience when you play on this seed. With a single tree and some nice building space, you will have a great chance to play a classic survival island map. These islands are a great throwback to the beginning of the challenge.

Swampy Island Survival

Swampy Island Survival (Image credits:

You will be given a vast island full of trees when playing on this seed. The island you spawn on is almost entirely flat, giving you a great chance to build and settle down, with a beautiful lake in the middle. Much of the water surrounding the island has a deep green tint.

Seed: 2665759314617796053

Monument Island Survival

Monument Island Survival

When you spawn on this island, you will be greeted with a large village full of villagers who are ready to start trading with you. In addition to a grand island, you will have an ocean monument just a few blocks offshore for you to explore. This monument will present a massive challenge for you, filled with deadly guardians that will ruin your progression until you clear it out.

Seed: 86597782003835593

Sandy Island Survival

Sandy Island Survival (Image credits:

This Minecraft island will spawn you on a large island almost entirely covered in sand. This island will give you a great deal of space but very little dirt to grow crops on. However, in the middle of the small dirt-covered area, you are also given an excellent lava pit that will surely be useful as you progress towards the nether.

Seed: -1218440415826553384

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a list of Minecraft island seeds that we have selected just for you! If you're looking to play Minecraft Island Multiplayer, then be sure to connect to our hosted Minecraft server and start your very own Minecraft island adventure today.

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